Adapted Solutions

Our strategic alliance with DCI (France) and Major Flagship Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) brings a wealth of operational training experience based on the know-how of the French armed forces.

To provide solutions which are best adapted for the customer's needs, our emphasis is on service. We will make the most out your Pilots' and Crews' proficiency and increase safety, while optimising your training budget costs.

Our adapted solutions bring the following:

Customer Benefits


Cost Effective

Procurement of service rather than of assets

Time Effective

Service is tailored to meet Customer needs

Budget Control

Long term contract for economic sense

No Risks

Responsibility for service rests with the provider

Customer Focus

Emphasis is on the Customer's control and business ethos

Our Responsibilities

  • Design / construction / approvals of the academy
  • Training curriculum and syllabi
  • Costs overruns
  • Financing resources
  • Personnel resources
  • Helicopters and training tools availability
  • Obsolescence / refresh /modernisation
  • Safety culture