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ATO-FTO 0619

Apr 2, 2018


On the 9th March 2018, Helang Flying Academy received it’s Approved Training Organisation (ATO) Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). As an ATO ,...
Ch. Qasim Waheed
Mar 13, 2018


Our Academy has i m mediate vacancies for personnel willing to bring their experience and expertise in SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, QUALITY and TRAINING.   If you wish to work in a comfortable and...
Ch. Qasim Waheed
Nov 13, 2017


Our modern academy needs the latest and state of the art  tools to best manage our training activity and operations. Thanks to Flight Logger, Helang's Administrators, instructors, crews...
Ch. Qasim Waheed
Nov 2, 2017


Just over a year ago, on 26th September 2016, Helang Flying Academy born from the alliance of our shareholders. . Besides our safety and commitment core values, we are particularly attached to...
Ch. Qasim Waheed

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Adapted Solutions

CAAM Malaysia approved licensed courses are available for civilian pilots. Military and paramilitary training programs can be non-licensed and adapted to your operating environments and bespoke requirements.

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Innovative training concept

We listen and analyse your needs and set strategic goals to fulfill your training requirements. We adapt and develop the most suitable training solutions and concepts, based on international aviation standards and requirements from aviation authorities.

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First Class Instruction

Our highly qualified team of international instructors are drawn from military, paramilitary and civilian backgrounds to provide training to the very latest internationally recognised standards. Our team includes specialist SAR, Police, Air Ambulance. NVG, Military, English Language Training and Theoretical Knowledge experts.

Fully Integrated Courses

Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training programs are fully integrated to ensure that all learning is relevant and applicable to the flight training program.  We use the very latest in Computer Based technologies and Classroom based learning techniques, together with advanced FNPT II flight simulators to complement our state-of-the-art fleet of Airbus H120B and Squirrel AS350 Single Turbine Engine helicopters.

Student performance reporting

Students are closely monitored so that their progress and achievements can be duly recorded and acknowledged.  Continuous progess testing and reports to sponsors, feed back critical student performance information throughout their training.

Internationally recognised

We deliver ICAO English Language Training alongside an EASA approved Theoretical Knowledge Training course.  All training for CAAM licenced courses are internationally recognised by ICAO member states

Our Courses

  • PPL (H)
  • CPL (H)
  • Basic Flight Training (Non licenced course for Military Pilots)
  • IR (H) 
  • QMP(H)
  • FI(H) / QHI
  • Type Rating EC120 B
  • MCC
  • SAR 
  • Hoist Operator
  • NVG
  • Air Navigator
  • Rescue Swimmer
  • CRM
  • Human Factors
  • SMS

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